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Religious Sisters

Religious Sisters

 Association of Augustinians Servants of the Lord for the Evangelization (asse)

Augustinian Convent, Vilakudy P.O., Punalur 691 508 Tel: 0475-2323149

 Compassionate Servants of Mary Sisters (csm)

Blessed Maria Maddalena Convent, Cherupoika P.O., Puthoor 691 543 Tel: 0474-2167024

 Congregation of Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery (csj)

St. Joseph’s Convent, Edamon P.O. 691 307 Tel: 0475-2335528

Congregation of Teresian Carmelites (ctc)

Carmel Bhavan, Pathanamthitta P.O. 689 645 Tel: 0468-2320488

Devamatha Nikethan, Anchal P.O. 691 306 Tel: 0475-2278854

St. George Convent, Maruthimood, Elamannoor P.O. 691 524 Tel: 04734246885

Dinasevanasabha (Servants of the Poor) (dss)

Sevanilayam Convent, Kodumon P.O., Via Parakode, Pathanamthitta 691 554 Tel: 04734285616

Social Service Centre, Church of Our Lady of Fathima, Kodumon P.O., Via Parakode 691 554

Franciscan Missionaries of Christ the King (fmck)

Bridgit Bhavan, Elampal P.O., Punalur Tel: 0475-2325645

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (fih)

Assisi Convent, Channapetta P.O. 691 311 Tel: 0475-2304620

Christ King Convent, Punalur 691 305 Tel: 0475-2222157

Vimalambika Convent, Kottarakkara 691 506 Tel: 0475-2451683

Little Sisters of Divine Providence (lsdp)

Little Sisters of Divine Providence, Madathikonam, Valiyala, Kulathupuzha P.O. 691 310 Tel: 0475-2317462

Missionaries of Charity (mc)

Missionaries of Charity, Punalur P.O. 691 305 Tel: 0475-2225216


Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing (osb)

Benedictine Sisters, Shanti Nivas Monastery, Pine Apple Junction, Punalur, Kollam Dt. Kerala 691 305 Tel: 0475-2227348, 2227541 Fax: 0475-2227541 Email: bent@sancharnet.in

Missionary Sisters of Incarnation (smi)

SMI, Kunnicode, P.O. Kollam Dt 691 508 Tel: 0475-2322370 Email: smi23kunnikode@yahoo.co.in


Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians (msmhc)

Ferrando Bhavan, Pazhakulam P.O., Pathanamthitta 691 527 Tel: 04734237057

Missionary Sisters of St. Theresa of Infant Jesus, Quilon (msst)

Little Flower Convent, Kunnam P.O. 690 108 Tel: 0479-2303140, 230226

Marianam Convent, Sooranad P.O. 690 522 Tel: 0474-2851268

St. Joseph’s Convent, Cheriyanad P.O. 689 511 Tel: 689 511 0479-2352404

Missionary Sisters of the Queen of Apostles (sra)

Provincialate, Cherupushpa Nivas, Anapuzhakal, Anchal P.O. Kollam, Kerala 691 306 Tel: 0475-2271358, 2272003 Email: cherupushpam@rediffmail.com

Maryland, L.S. P.O. Parayankulam, Charummodu Tel: 0479-2382121

St. Joseph’s Convent, Charummood P.O. 690 505 Tel: 0479-2382328

Oblate Hospitaler Franciscan Sisters (ohfs)

St. Francis Convent, Ummannoor, Andoor P.O., Cheruvaloor 691 532 Tel: 0474-2493002

Poor Sisters of Our Lady (psol)

Amala Sadan, Aranmula P.O. Vanchithura 689 533

Satyaseva Catechist Sisters of the Families (scs)

Satyaseva Convent, Ezham Mile, Kadampanad South P.O. 691 533 Tel: 04734283181

Sisters of Handmaids of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul (smdc)

Annunciation Convent, Kalluvettamkuzhy, Kulathupuzha P.O. 691 310 Tel: 0475-2317449

Sisters of Ann of Providence (sa)

St. Anne’s Convent, Ayoor P.O. 691 533 Tel: 0475-2292207 Email: st.annsayur@yahoo.co.in

 Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo (scb)

St. Charles Convent, Thrikkannapuram, Kadakkal P.O., Quilon Dt. 691 536 Tel: 0474-2422171

Sisters of St. Jerome (osh)

Sisters of St. Jerome, Vilakkudy P.O., Elampal 691 508 Tel: 0475-2323943

Sisters of St. Marie Madeleine Postel (smmp)

Sisters of St. Marie Madeleine Postel, Alimukku, Piravanthoor, Punalur 689 696 Tel: 0475-2229516

Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod (scc)

Holy Cross Convent, Pandithitta, Ambalanirappu, Kollam Dt 691 506 Tel: 0475-2328547

Holy Cross Bhavan, Vilakudy P.O. Elampal 691 508 Tel: 0475-2324600, Fax: 0475-2321234   Email: holycrossbhavan@yahoo.com

Sisters of the Holy Cross (Menzingen) (hc)

Holy Cross Convent, Adoor P.O. 691 523 Tel: 04734228618

Holy Cross Convent, Via Piravanthoor, Achankovil 689 696 Tel: 0475- 2342242

Holy Cross Convent, Urukunnu P.O.  Kollam Dt 691 329 Tel: 0475-2335784

Sisters Quarters, Leprosy Sanitorium P.O., Nooranad 690 504 Tel: 0479-2382327

Sisters of the Visitation Congregation of Alleppey (svc)

Lourdu Matha Visitation Convent, Kozhuvalloor P.O., Alappuzha 689 521 Tel: 0479-2368133

Sisters of the Poor (sdp)

Cusmano Bhavan, Elampal P.O., Punalur, Kollam Dt., Kerala 691 322 Tel: 0475-2223025, 2223621 Email: cusmanopunalur@hotmail.com website: www.cusmano.org

The Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany (bs)

St. Anne’s Convent, Pathanapuram P.O. 689 695 Tel: 0473-4275437

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First Death Anniversary of Former Vicar General of Punalur.


Shubhadarshan 2019

What would separate you, would be to forget or to overlook the meaning of the consecration that characterizes your priesthood. (John Paul II)
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